Leave Luck to Being Rescued – Nick Turner

Nick Turner
Product Manager, Northern Europe
Deep Silver

Notable games Nick has been involved with:
The Dead Island series, The Sacred series, Ride to Hell, Metro: Last Light, Saints Row 4


Brad: On the surface you appear to have one of the coolest jobs in the games industry. You have made several appearances in MCV and you’re always driving around in a rather cool, custom-made Dead Island pickup truck. What do you actually do on a day-to-day basis though or does a lot of it involve slaying Zombies?

Nick: Ha-ha, yes it is cool! I’m very lucky to have a job that involves something I’m passionate about. My day-to-day job is hugely varied and that’s what I love about it, no two days are the same. My day usually starts with a strong cup of tea then I go through the overnight emails from Japan, Australia and all our other partners. At some point in the day the subject of zombie slaying will always come up! We are currently working on Dead Island Riptide among other titles so it’s all hands on deck.

The Riptide truck is a project that I’m really proud of. I’m very protective over the truck, maybe a little too much! It was really good fun to do something like this but more importantly it’s helped us build up the Dead Island brand. We’ve been taking it to various events around the UK and even into Europe.


Brad: How did you end up getting the job? You’ve working in different industries in the past so had you always planned on working in the games industry or did it “just happen”?

Nick: I’ve actually worked in the games industry since I was 17. I left school and started to work at a toyshop. I worked in the ‘VR’ department. Basically I was a shop assistant that looked after the video games department. We used to get this rep come round once a month and tell us about the new games. He worked for a company called Bizarre Love Triangle, which was a marketing company for Infogrames, Interplay and Virgin. I got the details off of him and applied for a job. They took me on in telemarketing. From there I went on to work for a games distributor. Then I returned to retail and worked as a supervisor for GAME Ltd. From there I went on to sales and became an Account Manager at Vivendi Universal.

After that I had a break for a while and worked on an IT desk at the council. It didn’t feel right though and really wasn’t me, and I didn’t feel challenged. I was there for quite a while but missed the industry massively. I applied for a job at Koch Media (Deep Silver) and it just so happened that my CV landed with them at just the right time. The rest as they say is history. As of July this year i would have been there 5 years.

Brad: So not really the traditional route of University and maybe a couple of years in QA before getting a job in a specific department. Do you think then, that getting into the games industry is in part about who you know not just what you know?

Nick: I left school with average grades. Too much time was spent playing Street Fighter and not enough time studying! Ironically my distractions paid off and when I was offered a job that involved me talking about games I jumped at it. I’ve learnt a lot from having great bosses and colleagues.

The games industry is so fast moving that more often than not you will end crossing paths with the same person you’ve worked at previously, in a new company. It’s not all about who you know but it can defiantly help you out. A recommendation or shining reference from someone respected in the industry does go far, but it’s not free and you have to earn that by working hard.

Brad: Well I’m also sure you have spent too much time playing Dead Island and unfortunately for you its about to end badly. Because of your great work with the Riptide truck, Deep Silver have asked you to take it one step further and help set up an actual island. Think Jurassic park only with Zombies and the Riptide truck.

Unfortunately a Zombie outbreak occurs and you find yourself the soul survivor on the island. You find a vault complete with games and consoles but as you start collecting your haul Zombies bust in. You only manage to grab 5 of your favourite games and one soundtrack. One of the games also happens to be a collector’s edition. While fighting off Zombies to escape you lob a grenade, destroying the vault. What games did you manage to come away with and why?

Nick: Hmm, good question! Well I’m going to presume that the island has Wi-Fi…

Brad: Yeah you can have Wi-Fi but you can’t use it to call for help!

1)  Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360)

I’m a huge fan of the series and it’s one of the few online games that I don’t constantly get killed by young kids every time I spawn.

2)  Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (Xbox 360)

This game has always been in my top 5. Its replay value is huge and you can loose yourself for hours with mindless violence!

3)  Dead Island (Xbox 360)

Purely down the fact it has so many hours of single player missions to play through in addition to the online. Not only that but what better way than to get tips on zombie squishing!

4)  Far Cry 3 (Xbox 360)

I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. For the similar reasons to GTA I guess, replay value and complete open world survival!

5) Forza Motorsport 4 (Xbox 360)

You can never get bored of smoking around a track in a high-end motor!

Soundtrack – Wipeout: The Music

Soundtrack is a hard one, Wipeout maybe! The original PS1 wipeout.

Brad: All good things must come to an end. You recklessly drive the pickup truck around the island one day while looking for a new base camp. The truck flips over and sets on fire. You only have time to grab one of your chosen games. Which one do you save?

Nick: I would save Dead Island, as it’s my baby. It also makes sense to save that as I can pick up some survival tips from it.

Brad: Ha-ha, well I can see you are very fond of Dead Island; I’m looking forward to playing Riptide at some point. Thanks for taking part in Leave Luck to Being Rescued.


About the choices

Battlefield 3

Developer – DICE
Publisher – EA
Platform – Xbox 360
Release (EU) – 28th October 2011

Grand Theft Auto IV

Developer – Rockstar North
Publisher – Rockstar Games
Platform – Xbox 360
Release (EU) – 29th April 2008

Dead Island

Developer – Techland
Publisher – Deep Silver
Platform – Xbox 360
Release (EU) – 9th September 2011

Far Cry 3

Developer – Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher – Ubisoft
Platform – Xbox 360
Release (EU) – 30th November 2012

Forza 4

Developer – Turn 10 Studios
Publisher – Microsoft Studios
Platform – Xbox 360
Release (EU) – 14th October 2011