And so it begins

I have decided to start this games related blog to house my thoughts, ideas and opinions on games, the industry and related subjects.  So what will this blog contain?  Well over the coming months I hope to populate this site with 3 mains types of post.

1) Game Reviews.  Probably of the latest games I have completed, these will probably be micro reviews to sum up how I feel once I have finished each game.

2) Game Articles.

– I have previously written an article for a website which has remained unpublished for over a year now.  Hopefully I’ll add some more articles along with this one.  These articles might range from looking at the history of a franchise or company to analysing certain aspects of a game or console.

– I occasionally present guest lectures at colleges on the subject of the games industry (with specific emphasis on the audio department).  With this in mind I hope to use some of this material to create a few articles which might give graduates some useful information about the current state of the industry.

3) Related.  For a lot of gamers their hobby spills out into other aspects of life.  I’ll explore some of these aspects starting with my geek pilgrimage to nintendo’s HQ in Kyoto, Japan.


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